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We love feedback from our students. It helps us improve our IELTS learning materials, it helps us understand what students want and need, and it also helps us realize what many IELTS students don’t understand about studying and learning IELTS. In this blog post we will talk about some problems students have, and the solutions to these problems.

Some students think that if they learn enough IELTS vocabulary, or enough IELTS tricks, they will achieve success on IELTS. This is simply not the case. Learning IELTS strategies does help, but learning IELTS is about more than knowing the mechanics of the test. In English there is a saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Many students want their teacher to feed them fish. While rewarding in the short term, this is not the path to success. When we teach IELTS, we teach our students “how to fish”. We teach the skills they need to properly think about what they read, what they hear, what they say, and what they write.

In the “key strategies” section of our IELTS course, we teach you the three main skills needed to think and analyze the questions found on the IELTS. The ability to visualize, paraphrase, and think critically is key to IELTS learning and IELTS success. When you find a reading passage difficult, or an essay difficult to write, these are the skills which will help you understand the task and help you succeed.

Another problem students run into is the desire for instant success. Learning IELTS and achieving IELTS success is a long process. Watching a few videos is not enough for IELTS success. You must engage critically with the learning process. You must ask the “what? why? how?” questions of critical thinking, and you must be patient when success does not come right away.

Learning IELTS is like constructing a building. You need a strong base if you want a strong building. If you have a weak base, the building will fall. The best way for learning IELTS is to develop a strong base of English and IELTS skills, then build up with strategies, tips, tricks, and vocabulary.

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5 Responses to “Proper Attitude for Learning IELTS”

  1. Clargie Montano

    Hi Sir, I just purchased the whole course but sad to say, im disappointed. I cant open the course strategies from my ipad3. PLEASE BRING SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. Thank You!

    • aeadmin

      Hi Clargie,
      Our course currently uses flash player. We will have the HTML5 version out late September. Unfortunately, apple products, iPhone, iPads, do not play flash; this is one disadvantage of apple products compared to PC or Android. However, our design team is working on a solution. For now, we suggest using a home computer/lap top which can play flash (.swf) files.

  2. Rubab Roshan

    I am doing IELTS prepration by my own self and i am facing difficulty on reading task tell me some tricks that how i make is easy for me 🙁

    • aeadmin

      Hi Rubab,

      The best help I can give you is to not study alone. Studying alone is the surest way to get a disappointing mark on IELTS. If you are investing hundreds of dollars on a test, why not invest a few more dollars and actually do well on the test?

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