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想要提升您在雅思的口语与写作分数吗? 问自己这些问题,

1. 您的口语与写作有连贯性吗?-这代表说您的回答很容易让听众理解. 并且, 精确地得回答.

例如, Where do you like to go on the weekend to relax?
主题 = you
中心思想 = location to relax on weekend

回答: I like to go to the beach on the weekend to relax because the sun, sand and swimming help me to release stress.

2. 您的口语与写作会复杂吗?-这代表说您的回答使用了描写性的单词, 用了适当的形容词, 以及包含一些连接词来连接您的想法.

例如, I once had a dog that would never listen to me because I didn’t train him as a puppy.

3. 您的口语与写作自然吗?-这代表说您的回答所使用的词汇与母语为英语的人雷同.

例如, I ran into my friend the other day at the park, so we hung out for a few hours (in speaking).

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